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外国人女性シンガー・ナレータードナ バーク  Donna Burke - Tokyo Singer / Narrator who will knock your socks off!

If your production requires any kind of vocal accompaniment then you are going to need Donna Burke. Donna has a tremendous singing range, being able to get the crowd up and stamping their feet with high powered renditions of both her own compositions and covers of platinum hits, and then conveying the tenderest of emotions in a style that would make mountains quiver.

Skilled in studio work, Donna is able to provide just the right combination of technical skill and insightful performance that will thrill your clients and boost the acceptance of any product her singing accompanies.

You will probably already have heard her as she has sung for many major companies. A short list includes:

  • Mazda TVCM
  • Asience TVCM
  • Coca Cola TVCM
  • DC Card TVCM
  • Johnson & Johnson TVCM
  • NTT Docomo TVCM
  • Epson Vita Rosso TVCM
  • Hitachi DVD TVCM
  • Macdonalds TVCM
  • AGF Maxim TVCM
  • Toshiba Plasma TVCM

Discover Why Donna Is Tokyo's No1 Commercial Vocalist Here Donna Burke - Tokyo's Favorite Vocalist